Welcome to Shine Some Light
  • Here

    “Here” is our way of referring to projects based in the United States, most likely in California, the state Shine is based in. [click here]

  • There

    “There” is our way of referring to projects based outside of the United States, but not the hardest places to get to or to work. [click here]

  • Way Out There

    “Way Out There” is our way of referring to projects based far outside of the United States, likely the hardest places to get to or work. [click here]

  • Sustainable Practices

    Sustainable practices emphasizes both development and empowerment when accompanied by the ability to endure. This prevents unhealthy dependency and provides freedom for locals to lead in their respective communities.

  • Holistic Perspectives

    Holistic is further defined as relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts… Shine may get involved in a safe drinking water project, but will do so in consideration of all the other “systems” of those affected and then serve them with the whole picture in mind.

  • Long Term

    Long term implies that an ideal or typical Shine project will look to invest in sustainable development rather than “event-type” relief. Addressing the way the terms are used in the industry, “relief” efforts generally amount to a simple “giveaway” whereas “development” efforts typically amount to “empowering” efforts that continue to produce aid long after the initial investment and under the power of those who benefitted.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Rather than work alone, Shine seeks to initiate collaborative projects and recruit partners. Partners bring additional finances, expertise and human resources together. This happens through individuals, families, communities, companies and governments.